Corporate law

Corporate law at the service of your company

Are you starting a new business? Nice! Which legal form best suits your plans? A sole proprietorship (one-person business), a private limited company (BV), or do you see it bigger?

Or have you been in business for some time and your current legal form no longer meets your needs? Have you just taken over a company or merged with another? It may well be across borders.

One thing is clear: your company is evolving. And that requires other structures, articles of association, agreements with shareholders and management. Is your corporate governance in order? And what about your liability as a director?

Many questions, clear answers

Crowe Spark Legal’s lawyers will know what to do with your many questions. They’ll assist you in avoiding conflict. Shareholders, directors and statutory auditors are not always on the same wavelength. We’ll resolve this for you – preferably before problems arise. It’s in our DNA.

We give advice and support regarding

  • choosing the right legal form upon incorporation
  • drawing up articles of association and shareholder agreements
  • drawing up corporate housekeeping documents
  • drawing up contracts between all partners involved
  • winding up your company
  • conflicts as a shareholder, director, management or other party involved through
  • negotiation
  • arbitration
  • court proceedings

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