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Clear and tailored to your needs.

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About us

Top-level legal advice is our main goal. Based on years of experience and expertise across various fields.

Develop your potential. Without a care.

How can we help you and your business? To move forward, to grow, to be successful, without legal worries? At Crowe Spark Legal we just love to break our heads over it.

The environment you live and work in is complex, whether you’re a private individual, government or company. A start-up, scale-up, association, SME or large enterprise. Everything is faster, more digital, more international. There are also challenges in the legal field: laws, regulations, royal decrees, contracts, terms and conditions and so much more. They affect your daily activities.

How can you oversee all this without getting lost? Or running into trouble? That’s exactly why you need legal experts. So you don’t waste any negative energy and can concentrate on what’s essential: your organisation, your project, your job.

The focus is on you: we’ll do this together.

You can count on it. Once you decide to join forces with us, we completely dive into your world. Because we like to work in a way tailored to your needs. Standard solutions are not something we believe in. Our years of experience are our strength. We like to be on the ball. We have a lot of ready knowledge and insight into conflicts and problems. And if necessary, we dig deeper and further. With great enthusiasm.
We work with you, in complete confidence.

No-nonsense and hands-on

Do you, like us, prefer clear language? Are you looking for advice that will make a real difference? Advice that requires us, as your lawyers, to stick out our necks? Good! At Crowe Spark Legal, we believe in this approach. We are just like you – entrepreneurs. We’re glad to take the initiative. Your challenges become opportunities. You get solutions: preferably proactive, often creative and sometimes unexpected.

Our approach: unique, thanks to our people.

Our team is unique. And that makes us very proud. All of them are dedicated professionals.

Our team

Crowe's strong international network

Through our integration within Crowe Global, you get valuable solutions with a broad perspective. After all, your challenges extend beyond the purely legal. They are often intertwined with tax, legal and HR issues.

We are your strategic long-term partner:

  • You benefit from extra expertise in the field of tax, accountancy and payroll at our colleagues from Crowe Spark
  • You will find all the knowledge and experience under one umbrella. This way you work fast and efficiently. You will save time and money.
  • Do you have plans abroad? Are there any potential foreign investors in sight? Or employees who work internationally? Thanks to our international network with 750 offices, you have direct access to the local market and legislation in 150 countries.

In short, we offer you a multidisciplinary approach. And that pays off. You really do get value for money.

The Crowe Legal Spark network

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