Katrien Crauwels


Katrien focuses on labour law and labour relations for employees, civil servants and self-employed persons. She has extensive experience in collective labour law, in individual labour relations and questions and disputes regarding social security. In addition, she regularly advises administrative authorities and civil servants on administrative status and disciplinary matters. Finally, Katrien has a particular interest in healthcare law.

Education and experience

Katrien earned her Master of Law from the University of Antwerp in 1992. After that, she successfully took a whole range of additional training (including a Master’s degree in Business Law, a postgraduate degree in HR Management addressing ‘Social mediation and labour conflicts in organisations’ and a postgraduate degree in Healthcare Law at the University of Antwerp).

After her studies, Katrien started her career at the Antwerp bar. She plays an active role at the bar. She has been a board member, vice-chair and chair of the Flemish Conference at the Antwerp bar. She has been repeatedly elected as a member of the Council of the Order, and a representative, of the Order of Flemish Bars (OVB). Since September 2021 she has been the deputy chair of the Antwerp Division of the Bar of the Province of Antwerp.

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