International labour law

International labour law: working across borders

Imagine your labour force going to work abroad for a while. Or vice versa: you attract someone with a specific know-how from abroad to do a job at your company.

  • What to do about social security?
  • Where will your employee pay taxes?
  • Which labour law applies?
  • What happens in case of sickness or dismissal?

Clear contracts, better long-term collaborations

Give your international activities every chance of success. Make the right choices from the start and formulate your employment contracts clearly, without room for interpretation. After all, you want to avoid arguments in court at all costs!

Engage us as experts to optimise your social and tax contracts. For both you and your employees.

Our services

We will guide and assist you with:

  • drawing up your international employment contracts
  • blue-collar and white-collar workers
  • self-employed
  • frontier workers
  • secondment
  • optimising pay for international employment
  • work permits and professional cards

Our specialists in international labour law

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