Collective labour law

Collective labour law. From consultation to restructuring.

Collective labour law regulates your employment relationship via social consultation at the level of your company, your sector or nationally. As an entrepreneur you safeguard the safety and wellbeing of your employees. Your employees are involved in policy. Through the trade union representative, in the works council or in the committee for prevention and protection at work. And all of that has to be organised. Therefore, you have a great deal of tasks and duties that go beyond the individual relationship with your employee.

Changes in the pipeline? Avoid conflict.

Are you facing a major change or restructuring? And can you no longer see the wood for the trees? Leave the legal side to Crowe Spark Legal. This way you avoid collective labour conflicts and you can focus on what’s essential: your company.

Our solutions

We’re glad to assist you, give you advice and work out specific matters.
What does this mean? We

  • make company CLAs
  • provide advice for collective redundancies
  • manage social elections
  • guide social consultation within your company:
    • works councils
  • committees for prevention and protection at work
  • consultation with trade unions
  • assist you in restructuring, bankruptcy or closure
  • advise on transfers within the framework of CLA32 bis
  • request compensation from the Enterprise Closure Fund
  • assist you with advice and actions in a social action

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