Individual labour law

Labour law lawyers: the right arrangements for an optimal working relationship

The labour law lawyers at Crowe Spark Legal support you as an employer, employee or self-employed person at every stage of your labour relationship. Both in the private and public sector.

Let us be your guide. Getting legal help in this field is not an unnecessary luxury – after all, a good employer-employee relationship is the basis of everyone’s success. And HR challenges are quite big and often complicated.

Avoid pitfalls: think proactively

It’s best to make the right arrangements from the start that are in line with applicable rules and laws. These are often complicated and very specific to your sector. Moreover, they change quickly. With our experience and expertise we point out pitfalls and risks, working proactively so you can avoid problems and costs at the end of the journey.

Our solutions

You’ll get answers to all your HR related questions. We guide, advise and defend you. This means that we:

  • draw up appropriate contracts
  • Employment contracts for permanent or temporary employment
  • Management and consultancy contracts with self-employed persons
  • Commercial agency contracts for commercial agents
  • optimise your wage costs
  • avoid and resolve disputes concerning false self-employment
  • advise you concerning employment regulations with attention to the liability of the employer and employee.
  • coach and advise you about your personnel policy.
  • answer questions about working hours and working conditions. About wellbeing, absenteeism and teleworking. How to deal with accidents at work, sick leave, time credit, educational leave and parental leave. Questions about privacy, camera surveillance and monitoring of email traffic.
  • assist you in more complex projects, restructurings and acquisitions
  • assist you in proceedings before the courts
  • advise and assist in dismissals (with or without gross misconduct) and resignations. For both individuals and groups
  • prepare and optimise pension schemes through group insurance and other supplementary pensions
  • prepare and assist you optimally for a social inspection
  • advise you on employment across borders

Our specialists in individual labour law

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