Social security

Social security: vitally important

As an employer, self-employed person or employee you are subject to social security law.

Your social security is vital. It is your safety net in situations where you have less or no income from your work. Whether temporary or permanent, due to illness, pregnancy, retirement, unemployment or disability. In the case of parental leave, time credit, and palliative leave, social security also covers part of your income. Just as it also regulates your child benefit and social insurance.

So it’s best to make sure everything is in order. Our lawyers and legal advisers will be glad to guide you through this complex matter with different institutions, regulations and authorities.

NSSO for employees and employers

Are you registered as an employer? That means you have a number of obligations with regard to the National Social Security Office. You have to fulfil a great many formalities and transfer the correct social security contributions for your employees to the NSSO.

However, there are often disputes with the NSSO. This concerns

  • undeclared work
  • part-time work
  • costs specific to the employer
  • and other issues

As an employee, you undoubtedly also have questions about your

  • pension
  • growth package (child benefit)
  • unemployment benefit
  • payment for time credit
  • payment during pregnancy

Social insurance funds for the self-employed

As a self-employed person, you choose which social insurance fund to affiliate to. These funds calculate and collect your social security contributions and bridge the gap with the government. In this way, you too are socially protected.

Unlike employees, you pay your contribution each quarter, which depends on your income.

Crowe Spark Legal: your social security guide

Do you have questions about your rights and obligations? Do you think you contribute too much or receive too little? Are you faced with a negative decision that affects you directly?

We understand your situation, provide clear answers to your questions and defend you with decisive arguments. We address:

  • conflicts with the NSSO
  • social status of self-employed persons
  • accidents at work and occupational diseases
  • sickness and disability insurance
  • pension disputes
  • disputes with the National Employment Office (RVA), the VDAB (Flemish Employment Service) and institutions paying the growth package (child benefit funds)

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