We assist you as a patient with legal advice.

Patient? Know your rights

Our lawyers can also advise and guide you if you are a patient. Make sure to stand firm and know your rights.

Are you being treated by a doctor or were you recently in a healthcare institution? Do you feel that you are not being treated properly? Maybe you’re paying too much? Or do you not receive enough compensation from the insurer you’ve paid contributions to for years?

Our patient services

Call on our lawyers and legal advisors. Crowe Spark Legal assists you as a patient in various matters such as:

  • patient rights, medical records, informed consent, privacy
  • cases of possible (hospital) liability
  • disputes over fees
  • medical insurance contracts
  • proceedings regarding compensation for damages, including within the framework of the Medical Accident Fund
  • complaints against a doctor
  • contacts with ombudsman departments

Our specialists in patients

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