(Para)medical professionals

Lawyers and legal support for all medical professionals: medics and paramedics.

Legal issues with (para)medics

Are you a doctor, dentist, dietician, nurse or physiotherapist? Are you starting your own practice or have you been around for quite some time? Perhaps you are self-employed or a white-collar employee in a healthcare institution?

One thing is for sure: as a trained medical or paramedical practitioner you are extremely busy. You want to take care of your patients as much as possible. There is also little time to delve into all the legal obligations of your profession.

Legal issues and actions

Don’t worry, Crowe Spark Legal is ready to help you with all of your legal issues and actions. We have in-house expertise and experience. Even cross-discipline solutions. Health law, labour law, contract law, liability law: you are directly or indirectly involved in all these matters.

Tailor-made solutions

We provide you with ready-to-use solutions for these questions:

  • What are the rights of my patients? What information do they have access to? How far does professional confidentiality extend? And privacy? What are the rights and obligations associated with medical records?
  • Everything’s becoming more digital: what about electronic medical records, e-health and m-health?
  • How do I resolve a dispute with the Medical Association? How do I apply medical disciplinary law?
  • Where does my medical liability begin and end? An important question in civil and criminal proceedings and in the event of medical errors
  • How can I get the accreditation and establishment permit for my health care profession?
  • How can I apply medical contract law?
  • drawing up cooperation agreements
  • auditing association contracts between you and other healthcare providers
  • counselling on contractual disputes between you and a fellow healthcare provider or the institution where you work. In the latter case, hospital funding, general operations or discharge may also be the issue.
  • drawing up an informed consent, a consent whereby the patient is informed in advance about the actions and possible consequences
  • advice on health insurance, nomenclature and disputes with the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (RIZIV/INAMI)

Our specialists in (para)medical professionals

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