Civil service law

Civil service law for statutory civil servants

Our civil service law lawyers are there for you, whether you’re a civil servant or a government.

As a civil servant, you work for the government. Do you have a dispute or have you been dismissed? In that case, instead of labour law rules, the rules of civil service law will apply. At least if you are a statutory employee. As a contractual employee, you have an employment contract just like in the private sector.

As you already know, the legislation regarding civil servants is very complex. The government therefore has a unique position. Interventions and proceedings require an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

Crowe Spark Legal assists you with advice and action

In all your legal issues. Whether you’re a government or a civil servant.

  • in case of an appointment
  • in case of reorganisation
  • in case of evaluation
  • in case of a promotion or new job tasks
  • in case of dismissal due to illness, incapacity, reorganisation or for any other reason
  • in case of punishment, sanction or disciplinary proceedings

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