Liability? What does this mean for you?

It’s important to properly manage your liability. Both before and after entering into a contract. After all, an infringement or error can have serious consequences. The link to criminal law is never far away.

If you suffer or cause damage, the first question is: who is responsible or liable for this? Who pays for the damage? And will an insurer intervene? Here are some examples.

  • Did you make an error in the performance of your business activities? And does your customer hold you responsible for any damage they’ve suffered?
  • Did your contractor cause damage to your home?
  • Did you run a red light, causing an accident?
  • Were you abusing corporate assets?
  • Or are you a victim of violations such as fraud and abuse of trust?

Expertise across sectors

We are familiar with government and different sectors of the economy: liberal professions, (para)medical, logistics, transport, maritime, and financial. Hospitality, construction, real estate and retail also hold no secrets for us.

Environmental criminal law as a special expertise

Our environment is precious. The law ensures that the environment is treated with respect. There are rules, permits, levies and taxes. However, there are still many violations. These include:

  • illegal felling of trees
  • transporting hazardous substances without a permit
  • dumping waste

Have you been accused of environmental pollution or are you a victim of it? Our lawyers have special expertise in this area and will be glad to help you.

Our service

Have you suffered any damage yourself or are you suspected of causing damage to a third party? Our lawyers will assist and advise you. As a private individual, as a professional practitioner or as a director.

We defend you with regard to your:

  • Third-party and family liability
  • Professional liability
  • Director’s liability

Our specialists in liability

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