Criminal law

Criminal law – for legal entities too.

Criminal law goes beyond you as a citizen. Criminal law is also ever present in a business environment. There is hardly any legislation that does not provide for criminal sanctions if you do not comply with it. You may have to deal with it as a victim or as an alleged perpetrator. Or individually as an employee, manager or director. Or as a legal entity, company or association.

Let’s look at the big picture

Crowe Spark Legal is not a niche firm. We are all-rounders. And we look beyond the facade, beyond the strictly legal. What impact does a particular criminal action have on other areas?

We also have various disciplines joined under one roof. This makes it easy to establish links to business law, environmental law, real estate law, labour law and other fields. You get better and sharper insights which are useful for your criminal case.

Our expertise goes far

Which matters can you contact our lawyers for?

  • in case of abuse of trust
  • in the event of (un)intentional assault and battery when exercising a profession, for example as a police officer
  • in case of criminal consequences in the event of a traffic accident
  • for (alleged) urban planning offences: the criminal defence of builders, clients and contractors
  • in the event of accidents at work resulting in bodily injury or fatality: the criminal defence of companies and their managers
  • in the event of violations of environmental legislation, welfare legislation, labour legislation, driving and rest time regulations
  • breach of professional confidentiality such as in medical professions
  • all possible offences relating to bankruptcies and companies in difficulty
  • improper use of company property
  • financial and other fraud, money laundering

Our specialists in criminal law

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