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Working at Crowe Legal

Lawyers with guts: that’s the spirit

Working at Crowe Spark Legal is unique. Yes, we can honestly say so. We are proud of our team. And above all of how we work together. Both internally and with our customers.

Can you agree with this?

  • You are an ace in your field. You believe in yourself as a lawyer or legal adviser. Because you know: your knowledge, expertise and creativity allow you to ureally\n\ help people and companies move ahead.
  • You go to the core. To find solutions, you really roll up your sleeves. No question is too much. You consult your colleagues and also seek external advice. You investigate and search. With all the eagerness.
  • You like to stick your neck out. No, you don't wait to see what happens. You take the initiative. You think in possibilities. Not in obstacles.
  • You are empathetic. Your focus is on your client. You get to know them, empathise with their situation and go for it. You are only satisfied if your client is too.
  • You are keen. You love your job. And your environment sees that. You radiate positive energy and go for it 100% every day again.
  • You are open, transparent and clear. Both in your written and spoken communication. Because you know: this is how you can anticipate and get better results.

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