Contracting and construction

Legal advice for construction and renovation.

Need legal advice on construction? When drawing up your contract, or in the event of a dispute? Crowe Spark Legal is at your service, thinking right along with you.

Many parties, many challenges

Are you building or renovating a single-family home, apartment building, office or public building? There are always many parties involved: clients, builders, architects, contractors, (local) authorities, engineers. Everyone ensures that the construction runs smoothly. Or so they should. The reality is often different.

Building concerns? Prevention is better than cure.

Because building is so complex and risky, it is best to cover yourself well in advance. Create contracts that leave no room for discussion. To prevent disputes or minimise their impact. Let Crowe Spark Legal assist you right from the start of your project. As experts in our field, we have the in-house experience and knowledge that you need.

Conflicts before, during and after construction

Do things go wrong even then? They can happen before, during and after the construction process. Who is responsible for what? What are everyone’s rights and obligations? What is contractually agreed? Crowe Spark Legal helps you with advice that you can put to work immediately.

First we go for a consultation and try to find an amicable solution. We believe in the power of mediation. You get a faster solution, and costs are limited. However, in some cases legal proceedings are the only way out. Here too, we take your case to heart and energetically defend your interests.

In concrete terms: is there a threat of a dispute with (one of) your construction partners or are you suffering damage? We provide you with legal advice and assist you

  • in negotiations or proceedings with other construction partners
  • in the event of amicable and/or legal construction disputes and appraisals

Our specialists in contracting and construction

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