Environmental law

Environmental law: from building application to assistance during the procedure

Environmental law has many applications and is a complex matter.

Are you going to build or renovate and do you need a permit for this? Or the adaptation of the Spatial Implementation Plan (SIP/RUP)? Or is there a new SME zone near you and would you like to object? What about the Environmental Impact Assessment (MER/EIA)? What happens in the event of expropriation?

Are you not a specialist in these matters? Seek help from one. Thanks to the expertise and experience of the lawyers of Crowe Spark Legal, you gain time and money.

Advice all the way

Crowe Spark Legal advises you in all aspects of environmental law.

For example, you can call on us for

  • assistance in environmental permit procedures
  • the submission of objections in a public inquiry
  • appeals to the Deputation, the Council for Permit Disputes and the Council of State
  • administrative enforcement, soil pollution, and other matters

Our specialists in environmental law

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