Public contracts

Public contracts: get them right

Public contracting is conducted within a strict legislative framework. Both the tender, award and implementation comply with specific, detailed and formal requirements.

As a client and tenderer, it all seems like a tangle sometimes. It is difficult to separate main and secondary issues from each other and to implement everything within the defined lines. Isn’t it convenient to bring in a lawyer who knows the tricks of the trade? Someone making sure you don’t overlook anything, don’t forget any details? Seek advice and save both time and money.

How does Crowe Spark Legal help you in public contracts?

We support governments and tenderers before, during and after the assignment.

  • advice on the award of the contracts and any disputes in this regard
  • consultation and drafting of contracts between all parties involved
  • assistance in proceedings before the civil and administrative courts
  • monitoring of disputes and conflicts during and after contract implementation

Our specialists in public contracts

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