Intellectual property

Intellectual property: not tangible, but valuable

Your company is creative. New ideas, developments and inventions distinguish you from your competitors in a rapidly evolving market. Although not tangible, these intellectual assets are very valuable. They are your guarantee for the future.

How do you keep other companies from using your intellectual property? From copying you or integrating your ideas into their own products? Protect your intellectual property. Not just that – make it your own.

Legal guidance: no unnecessary luxury

Crowe Spark Legal takes care of your intellectual property rights, your trademark and your name.

  • We safeguard your copyright and neighbouring rights. After all, you are the only one who can use them freely.
  • We edit licence agreements. These allow others to commercialise your property rights temporarily and against payment.
  • How do you protect your intellectual property rights in your distribution network?
  • Is there an improper use of your trademark, patent, photos, drawings or models? We combat it with all legal resources.
  • What about the creations of employees and freelancers who work for you? We lay down the intellectual property rights for these cases as well.

Our specialists in intellectual property

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