Insolvency and restructuring

Are you struggling to pay your suppliers and employees?

Are you in stormy waters? Are you temporarily insolvent and struggling to pay your suppliers and employees? If so, certain measures become imperative. Not an easy thing to do. But you want the best for your business. And there are options. All you need to do is know which one and how to best go about it.

Make legally correct and substantiated decisions in this highly sensitive matter. Crowe Spark Legal is glad to assist you. You will gain insight into all options offered by insolvency law. And with this, a restart or a settlement will give you every opportunity for a favourable outcome.

How does Crowe Legal assist you?

Specifically, we provide assistance and answers to the following questions:

  • What are the options in a reorganisation and collective redundancy?
  • How to protect and free my security against an insolvent customer?
  • Can I apply for judicial reorganisation, the former ‘WCO’? Are you looking for protection against your creditors? If you are temporarily unable to pay your debts, a judicial reorganisation can be a solution. By overcoming the financial difficulties, you may well avoid a bankruptcy. Why would you opt for a judicial reorganisation? There are three possible objectives:
  • You reach an amicable agreement with two or more creditors;
  • You reach a collective agreement with all creditors;
  • You bring part or all of the company under judicial supervision.
  • How do I avoid directors’ liability? Can I be represented by a lawyer in court if my liability is compromised?

Impending bankruptcy: what now?

  • Crowe Spark Legal assists you in the event of a judicial or voluntary dissolution and liquidation of a company or ‘worst case’ in the event of bankruptcy: as a director and/or shareholder and as a creditor and/or other interested party
  • We also act as a professional receiver of companies
  • In some cases we are appointed by the Commercial Court of Antwerp, Division of Antwerp or Mechelen as a bankruptcy administrator or we receive another judicial mandate.

Our specialists in insolvency and restructuring

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