Best practices and audits (corporate and employment housekeeping)

Doing business with due care

You have a lot to keep an eye on in terms of both HR and corporate law. There are administrative and legal obligations. They may not be on your list of priorities. Or perhaps you simply don’t have time for it.

Avoid severe sanctions and make sure to play by the rules. Not just when you have an inspection. Always. You can call on Crowe Spark Legal for this. We’re glad to take over these formalities for you.

How do we help you in practice?

At the organisational level

  • Preparing boards of directors
  • organising shareholder meetings
  • organising publications in the Belgian Official Gazette
  • drafting and amending articles of association

At the HR level

  • keeping your employment regulations up to date
  • finalising all social documents
  • ensuring that you comply with the formalities of the Welfare Act
  • conducting an audit on your insurance and group insurance policies: is everything that is necessary insured and do the policies give you the best solutions?

Our specialists in best practices and audits (corporate and employment housekeeping)

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