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Business law: helping your company run smoothly

Let our experts in business law assist you. Your businesses will run smoothly and you’ll enjoy a better night’s sleep.

As an entrepreneur you have countless relationships. And therefore just as many or even more contracts. With customers, suppliers, governments, homeowners, contractors, vendors and distributors. Think, for example, of your:

  • commercial contracts
  • credit contracts
  • licence contracts
  • contracting agreements
  • distribution agreements
  • agency agreements
  • franchising contracts
  • leases: commercial property, office or logistics centre

Good contracts clearly regulate the agreements between the parties involved. They ensure that your commercial relationship runs clearly and smoothly. Do you have any doubts, or a difference of opinion? A good contract is the way to go. It allows you to move on, with peace of mind.

In all corners of your company

There is no escape: business law and commercial law can be found in all corners of your company. Protect yourself and hire a lawyer from Crowe Spark Legal. Our experts will be glad to show you the way to achieve the best results. Efficient and smart.

Here are a few examples:

  • You enter into agreements with customers and suppliers every day. Prepare your contracts and terms and conditions (general or otherwise) carefully. This prevents long-term and costly disputes.
  • Unfair competition disrupts the market. Avoid or fight this trap if you are confronted with it.
  • People come into contact with misleading advertising more often than they think. The line between seducing and informing is sometimes very thin. As an entrepreneur, this is your responsibility. Think of product liability and consumer protection.
  • What about your unpaid invoices? How do you claim the overdue payments? Don’t let them affect your cash flow.
  • Finally, unfair competition also disrupts the market. Avoid or fight this trap if you are confronted with it.

What does Crowe Spark Legal do for you?

  • assist and advise you in national and international disputes and transactions
  • negotiate, draw up and review: loans, distribution, franchising, commercial agency, (self-employed) cooperation agreements, general terms and conditions and more. This is one of our core activities.
  • collecting unpaid invoices: proposing an amicable settlement, sending a notice of default and negotiating payment plans, obtaining a judgment that is enforceable, and if necessary additional measures such as attachment

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